Current Issues in Financial Risk Management


What is “Financial Risk Management”? It is a process that necessitates companies for setting up guidelines and to define their policies on accepting financial risk. Individuals/people working for financial risk management do not make investment decisions for the company, instead, they create guidelines /policies for the risk-takers so that they can analyze the investments. Over […]

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Importance of Chartered Financial Analyst Certification


Why Chartered Financial Analyst is important for your career? Chartered Financial Analyst is the highest recognized designation for any professional working with finance. A Charted finance analyst program, offered by CFA institute is the most valued course among all the finance related courses. This is a three level program which requires 2.5 to 4 years […]

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Career in Software Quality Assurance

Man with magnifying glass looking for coins

Software Quality Assurance in simple terms is a quality check on the software developed to make sure that the software meets the quality standards.Software Quality Assurance is an ongoing process in the Software Development Life Cycle. The quality checks on the software are routinely. Instead of checking the quality of the product after the completion […]

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Understanding of accounting principles in IFRS


Since financial statements are a ’crucial information’ to be published annually. The same is also relevant to many of the stakeholders. Just for your information, a complete set of financial statement will include- Profit and Loss Account Balance sheet Cash Flow Statement Notes to Accounts Change in Equity Statement Disclosure statement Let’s get into the […]

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Latest Developments in Manufacturing Technology


Manufacturing Technology is the new technology introduced in the manufacturing sector which helps manufacturing units to optimize manufacturing processes and techniques in order to minimize wastage during production process and utilize tools and processes most effectively. New developments keep happening in the realm of manufacturing technology to enhance the manufacturing process. Some of the most […]

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ISO 9001 Quality Management System


ISO 9001 Quality management System is a standard, which states the requirements of Quality Management System for organizations to ensure that the product or service offered by them is as per the international quality standard. ISO 9001 is a standard used in over a million organizations across the world making ISO 9001 the most used […]

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Benefits of Using Primavera Software


Primavera Software is one the most recognized high-performance Project Management software used in many organizations today. The software is not just used by project managers but is used by many other departments in the organization as well like who are involved in planning, monitoring and development ventures. Primavera Software makes very complex project easy to […]

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How does the Balanced Scorecard work?

Balanced Scorecard

If you are wondering what exactly a Balanced Scorecard is; you will be amazed to know that Balanced Scorecard is one of the most effective management ideas till date. Balanced scorecard is the key instrument behind making strategy execution a continuous process. It is extremely valuable to any management system and is the sixth most […]

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